Books and Blankets 1 011-00

Books and Blankets 1

Search by Image

Sebastian Schmieg

28 pages
Edition of 250, 3 Artist Blankets

Sebastian Schmieg engaged in his Search by image project the automated mechanisms of Google Image Search. Using a self-developed scripts he is feeding Google with image information, which result is used for the next request. The result is a dynamic feedback loop, he converted to images clips, which run the images such as a flipbook.

BOOKS AND BLANKETS has two main aims. The first is to report on new Net.Art and documenting those. The second is an active role in the transformation of art in close collaboration with the artist. We are looking for projects having their origin, their content and their material anchored to the Internet. This work will be transformed by the artists into a different technology, which has a historical relation to the cybernetic era in the past.

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