The Sickness, Book One 01

The Sickness, Book One

Ciarán Walsh

120 (english)
First edition of 200

The Sickness is a series of four novellas exploring memory, anxiety, perception and the body.
In the world of the novellas, a barely-understood pandemic has struck the population, but those directly affected cease to exist at the level of public discourse, their deaths discussed neither by the authorities nor by the public at large. Book One concerns itself with the story of Alex Madden, an actor who comes to believe that his productions are haunted by the ghost of a younger brother, who succumbed to the Sickness several years before. Madden flees through the pages of the book, pursued by the idea of his brother‘s ghost until his own anxieties consume him.

The Sickness, Book One is commissioned for the exhibition „Into the Mu“ at Kunsthalle Bratislava (Slovakia), curated by Elisa Rusca. The book is available for wider release from March 2017.

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